It's Time To Joke And WOW


Be afraid, be very afraid. Google announced its ambitious Google Glass project this week, and made the below demo video depicting a world where human computer interfaces only allow you to interact with the most pleasant of hipster stimuli, overlaying a patina of cliche urban millennial all over your daily life.

Suddenly all your friends are wearing those dumb black nerd glasses. You, as the NYC-dwelling (of course) uberhipster in the first clip, spend your day at the Strand Bookstore, chasing around a food cart, photographing street art and learning how to play something called Monsieur Gayno on the ukulele.

It’s like you woke up inside an episode of “The New Girl.” Or this Mashable article exploded.

But the video’s ridiculousness goes beyond its blatant target marketing, in that it avoids one terribly obvious problem: Computers sometimes really suck.

“People I have spoken with who have seen Project Glass said there…

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